Less is more!

Micro designed 90 min sessions will create a buzz in your organisation and blow fresh air into your training offer. Designed to surprise, motivate, challenge or even shock, your people won’t sleep walk back to their desks, but turn ideas into action the very next day.

Our Express 90 Minute Training Seminars – AVAILABLE TO ALL!

Coming soon:

Be a better workplace coach, ‘ask, don’t tell!’ 
Have that tough conversation

For further details contact Steven Burch on 07860 488544.



Typical Approach for In-house Bespoke Sessions

Design -

We start from scratch with you as codesigner, your pressing business need and a blank piece of paper. We finish with a unique design which will touch a nerve in your organisation and achieve more in 90 minutes than a conventional approach will achieve in a day

Delivery -

We run 2 or 3 sessions per day, on site to reduce your people’s travel time. Better still we license the design and train up your internal team to give you maximum capability and reach into your organisation, at low cost.

Topics -

Pretty much anything goes from:

• Better business writing

• Use social media

• Make sense of finance

• Negotiate well

• Understand the media

• Change things