888 –  big numbers for construction as we enter 2014

  • 8% decrease in total employment since the recession in 2008
  • 8% of total workforce employed in the sector
  • 8% of total economic output

Challenging times for sure, and all the reason to get your managers taking more of a lead. Getting managers qualified to level 4 and above is all the rage in the sector, so says the CITB Strategic Plan for 2013-2017.

And guess what, we have a great time working with construction firms to get their managers thinking and acting like leaders – especially those who need weaning off their tools mentality, and looking with confidence to the future and  getting their teams focused and motivated.

We’ll build a 5 day programme for you that will meet your business needs and the requirements of the CMI to get your people a professional management qualification.  Or find out about a short course on:

  • Project management
  • Technical report writing
  • Job instruction training
  • Performance management

Just make an enquiry which sets out your needs and we’ll work hard to come up with an innovative solution that will create a buzz, build confidence and exceed your expectations.

Some companies we have worked with