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  • A leadership “thought for the day” to refresh your thinking
  • A resource, exercise, handout, or model, to help you train others really well

And here’s a ‘thought for the day’ to get you started:


Want to be more proactive? 

Managing time requires separating your important tasks from the urgent ones. Maximising your time requires that you also overcome the negative impacts of your driver behaviour.

So, what’s driving you at present?

  • Pleasing others…then behave more assertively
  • Hurrying up…then go for accuracy as well
  • Being perfect…then meet deadlines with appropriate levels of detail
  • Trying hard…then seek closure on tasks
  • Being strong…then seek support with tasks

 ‘Above all else, time management is about self-discipline, about being ruthless with time, but gracious with those people around you…’


Leadership thought for the day:

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. “

Robert Louis Stevenson, Novelist