No more packing them off to college, or expecting them to slog away at assignments that seem too theoretical or detached from the real job.

Instead, we put your people and your business in the foreground. So, you’ll get something that is contextualised, bespoke, creative and which sustains business improvement and builds self esteem, in the short and longer term.

Now here’s the sprinkling of magic, that will allow your HR and Training people to breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll keep all the wiring diagram that connect you and the awarding bodies, well out of your sight. We’ll do the grunt and grind of form filling. You concentrate on getting new skills and behaviours embedded in your worksplace.

  • We work with CMI on Management and Leadership on Awards and Certificates at level 4-6.
  • City and Guilds help us to deliver great training qualifications to your people

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